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The site is in the process of makeover. So parden me for not being able to show you fully developed website. However, the list below is some of my recent work you can check out.

Web Development

Corporate Websites

Compucom, Drupal CMS from ground up, 2015

Adaptive Insights, Drupal CMS from ground up, 2015

Intacct, Drupal CMS from ground up, 2014

3marketeers, PHP and in house management, 2014

eTrigue, WordPress CMS from ground up, 2013

One-off Marketing Campaign

ZenDesk, 2016

Invialign, 2015

Shell, 2015

Art Related Work

Please see my Resume for more detail info

Lake Tahoe Cadre Show, 2013

Slo Dog, 2010

The Lite Wall or The Great (Temporary) Wall of Silicon Valley, 2015