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I collaborated the project with John Bruneau.
And special thanks to our good friend Ethan Miller who provide the painting for us.
statement of "levels of abstraction"
levels abstraction statement
We have been conditioned. ADD-MTV, mass-media bombardment, perception overload, keep it coming, Bam! Bam! Bam! This sensory orgy leads us to demand entertainment eye-candy from any illuminated bank of pixels. Now we carry with us preconceived notions of what to expect from different mediums. Regardless of the work, a screen carries with it, very different connotations than a frame. We will sit and digest a painting, drink it in like a fine wine, examine it and distill its meanings. We do not expect it to dance. If a digital work does not instantly wow us, it's time to change the channel.

This is art about the comparison of art and art abstracting art.

In a sense, this is a comparative study between the quintessential classic and modern mediums. In order to investigate this, we developed a project which is, in effect about its self. Fitting that self-reflexivity is a commonality between abstract painting and everyday programming practice. Likewise, the project begins abstract upon its self recursively. On one hand we have the control, the medium, an abstract painting, on the other the variable, the mediated medium. The variable its self is an abstraction of the abstract. The reactions are monitored creating video about how people react to video of a painting about painting. "Levels of Abstraction" comes from computer science terminology where with each iteration a higher order concept is developed, but simultaneously more and more of the details are lost. Thus so as the concept is removed from the tangible.

A conceptual installation exploring ingrained notions of medium, mediation and recursive abstraction.
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